Mystery of man found with partially-amputated penis continues

  • A positive identification was made on Tuesday but the origins of his injuries are still unknown

The mystery over the man found disorientated and wandering the streets of Torremuelle in Benalmádena with a head wound and a partially-amputated penis continues.

The man was intercepted by the emergency services last Saturday after a concerned local resident reported a man in a zombie-like state walking the streets with blood on his head and hands.

Upon admission to the Hospital Clínico in Malaga, doctors who had removed his clothes to inspect his injuries discovered that the patient's penis had been partially amputated and that the remaining part had been tied up with a shoelace and a hair tie.

This led to initial suspicions that he had been tortured or had been involved in a game of a sexual nature.

After being unable to identify the man (he referred to himself as Sergio, Rafael and Naomí), police were called in to take finger prints, but the tests brought up no matches. The man also said that he was an extraterrestrial and that the penis wasn't his.

However, SUR sources have confirmed that a positive identification was made on Tuesday and that he is a 32-year-old Spanish national.

The origin of his injuries remain unknown but investigations point towards a mental disorder and that he inflicted the injuries on himself, though other hypotheses have not been ruled out.