50,000 euros in compensation granted to family whose baby was dropped during birth

Ana García with her daughter, now six.
Ana García with her daughter, now six. / SUR
  • After falling during birth six years ago, Ana García's ddaughter has suffered in her everyday life

"I heard the bang. Since then, I haven't been able to sleep for six years." These are the words of Ana García whose daughter fell to the floor during childbirth at the Hospital Clínico in Malaga in January 2013. Now, after six years, the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has acknowledged the damage suffered by the minor as a result.

The Patients Ombudsman has announced that the SAS has agreed to pay compensation of 46,942 euros to the parents of the minor after it was acknowledged that the fall was the cause of the girl's slow development. Future neurological damage also cannot be ruled out.

The ombudsman says that, "while the midwife was exerting pressure on the tummy, the gynaecologist deemed the use of forceps to be necessary. While she was taking out the girl, specifically when she had taken out half of the body, the gynaecologist turned, ignoring the situation, so the newborn fell to the ground from a great height with great force".

For its part, the SAS say that the fall was unfortunate. A report states that "the withdrawal of the forceps coincided with a contraction that caused the unexpected expulsion of the foetus".

But the battle isn't over yet. The lawyer for the Patient Ombudsman, Francisco Damián Vázquez, has said that the legal battle is not over as the compensation does not satisfactorily cover the extra care that she requires.

Her mother Ana says, "She's improved a lot but she's the worst in her class and she suffers terrible vertigo when she's in a car or a bus."

She added: "She's suffered so much. Every time she sees a white coat she starts to tremble. I lost my job because I have to take her to so many appointments."