Twitter-user summoned by investigators over "degrading" tweet during Julen rescue

Some tweets were deemed "inhumane"
Some tweets were deemed "inhumane" / AFP
  • The family reported some messages to the police, and the first person, Camilo de Ory, has been summoned to declare

During the 13 days of the rescue of Julen, the toddler who fell down a narrow borehole and died earlier this year, his parents repeatedly called for social media users not share offensive messages nor speculation on the bid to retrieve their son. Some messages, however, were reported to the police by the family and the first person has been summoned to declare.

This week, one Twitter-user, Camilo de Ory, was placed under investigation over alleged "degrading treatment" and will appear before a magistrate on 21 May. De Ory published from his Twitter account numerous sarcastic and cutting messages over the events in the village of Totalán, outside Malaga.

Other users at the time openly criticised the "inhuman" nature of some of the content. De Ory has said he didn't set out to offend anybody. In a statement to SUR he explained, "I've been doing black humour for years and I've never had problems with anybody before."