Police arrest former head of body that oversees property management agents in Malaga province

Francisco Pastor in a file photo
Francisco Pastor in a file photo / SUR
  • Francisco Pastor is being investigated over supposedly misusing money from fees belonging to owners of property in La Alcaidesa

National Police have arrested the former head of the Colegio de Administraciones de Fincas for Malaga province and the Costa del Sol. The Colegio is the official association of professional management agents working for "comunidades" of apartment and house owners.

Fernando Pastor is accused of syphoning off to his own bank account more than 100,000 euros from the owners of the La Alcaidesa development near Sotogrande. Investigators believe that Pastor had cashed blank cheques to pay off debts and for personal expenses.

The inquiry was started in June last year when the president of the "comunidad" at La Alcaidesa reported to police "numerous transfers for high sums of money to the personal bank account of the person responsible for managing that community".

Officers rapidly identified the ex-head of the Malaga association and discovered that Pastor, whose company is based in Marbella, had allegedly misused the bank accounts of the residents "comunidad" and made free use of the money.

A search was carried out last week on Pastor's home and offices where 6,000 euros in cash was found. Investigators are now reviewing all the documents seized to see if there are any other offences, said sources.

November resignation

Fernando Pastor resigned his post as president of the provincial association of property agents last November after the Andalusian regional council of agents received reports from two "comunidades" of supposed mismanagement of funds. One was in La Alcaidesa, and the other, according to reports, was in Benalmádena.

Lawyers for Pastor said last week that all the debts with the La Alcaidesa "comunidad" of owners had now been settled and no more money needed to be repaid.

The judge has placed him under investigation for supposed improper management and misappropriation and he has been bailed.

Pastor's lawyers added that he paid back all the money with interest in March last year, which the residents had agreed to.

The lawyers also said that money found in the search was petty cash belonging to the estates managed as well as a property deposit for a client.