Citizens' rights campaigner to stand for Mijas council in municipal elections

Anne Hernández
Anne Hernández / SUR
  • Anne Hernández will stand for election in the municipal elections in May

A Mijas-based expat known for her continuous efforts to protect the rights of British citizens living in Spain has decided to stand for election in the municipal elections in May.

Anne Hernández was approached to stand for a seat on the council by a new Mijas action group called MVM (Movimiento Vecinal Mijeño), one of the first non-political groups to stand for elections in local government. The group was started by the president of the La Cala Residents Association, Francisco Sepúlveda, who became disillusioned with the services offered to residents in Mijas and identified the need to respond to their demands.

Anne, who is originally from Hertfordshire, is also the president of Brexpats in Spain, a platform set up to defend the rights of British citizens when the UK leaves the EU. She believes that foreign residents in Mijas have seen that an important change is necessary and she has promised to campaign to secure the "unswerving support" of local councils.

A voice for Brits

"I have been giving this serious thought and with the way Brexit is unfolding I genuinely believe that I will be in a better position within the council to continue my fight to defend our rights than as an outsider. We have no MEP to support us, we are really out on a limb and it is up to us to be our own voice," Anne explained to SUR in English.

Anne will begin her campaign via social media, but in May she will be out on the streets talking to residents and drumming up support for her plans for the future of Mijas. "If MVM had any political bias, I would not have even considered joining them, but I feel it's time to give back to our Spanish hosts some of the help and support they have given us. I'll fight for any injustice and once I get the bit between my teeth I tend not to let it go," she said.