Two arrests made after man tells police he was kidnapped and tortured for days

  • Two men of French origin have been arrested

Two men of French origin have been arrested as part of an operation which started after a man turned up at Marbella police station on Tuesday at around 7pm, alleging he had been kidnapped and tortured for days and that he could lead the police to those responsible.

The man, who still had bits of tape stuck to his face and hands, was able to provide information about his alleged assailants, as well as the registration plate of the car that they transported him in.

It took just a couple of hours for Udyco, the specialist drugs unit, to locate the car on Calle Esmeralda, in Riviera del Sol, Mijas, and to arrest its two occupants.

The pair were seemingly on their way to their home, located in the area, and upon their arrest, a search warrant of their property was granted. However, there were enough clues on them personally and in their vehicle to link them to the incident, including drops of blood of one suspect's shoes and plastic cable ties in the car.

The investigation continues as police establish whether more individuals were involved.