Seven arrested in connection with death of man abducted in Estepona

The square in Estepona.
The square in Estepona. / EFE
  • Brian Martos Carmona was forced into a vehicle near busy bars in October last year and his body was found an hour and a half later in Algeciras

Malaga. Seven people have been arrested in connection with the death of Brian Carmona, the 27-year-old who was violently forced into a vehicle in front of customers of busy bar terraces on 2 October last year in the Plaza de Ortiz in Estepona. His body turned up just an hour and a half later near Algeciras.

National Police have now arrested seven people in connection with his death, although more detentions have not been ruled out.

Brian Martos was not killed by a bullet to the head, nor was he stabbed, as initial reports stated, but he was shot in the arm and the bullet went through his side, damaging his lungs and heart.

One of the seven arrested, considered to be the victim's killer, was sent to prison without bail this week. Another four suspects have been charged but released on bail and two more were due to appear before a judge on Thursday.

The men were armed and wearing balaclavas when they reached the terrace where the victim was having a drink on the night of 2 October. Carmona attempted to flee the scene and shots were fired as the men chased. Eventually he was bundled into the vehicle by force.