Over 100,000 people with dependency needs waiting to be seen in the region

The Dependency Law provides extra support to those in need.
The Dependency Law provides extra support to those in need. / SUR
  • The new PP-Cs Junta coalition claims that the outgoing PSOE party hid 34,733 from the waiting list for social care or support and announces an emergency injection of 77 million euros

seville. More than 100,00 people with dependency needs, including the elderly and the disabled, are waiting to be assessed and to receive social care support in Andalucía.

The data was released this week and is according to Elias Bendodo, spokesperson for the new PP-Cs administration at the Junta de Andalucía, which is responsible for delivering social care under Spain's national Dependency Law.

Bendodo, accompanied by the regional minister for Social Policy, Rocío Ruiz, said that they had found 34,733 previously- unaccounted-for applicants that were omitted from official reporting statistics as they were still waiting for the initial assessment and to see if they qualified.

Malaga affected

Some 12,00 people in Malaga province are either waiting to be assessed or waiting to hear if they qualify for the extra support, according to the Junta data.

The Dependency Law grades people according to their need. To qualify, applicants need a formal assessment and it is this long wait that has been criticised.

The Junta has announced an emergency injection of funds of 77 million euros to try to clear the backlog, similar to the scheme recently announced to reduce waiting lists in hospitals and outpatients departments.

The PSOE party, which ran the service until recently, reacted angrily, saying that including people that may not even qualify counted as "manipulation" of the data.