Four years for Guardia Civil officer who caused three deaths on the A-7

Four years for Guardia Civil officer who caused  three deaths on the A-7
  • The court found that the off-duty man had been under the influence of drink and drugs when he caused the multiple pile- up in June 2017

A court in Malaga has sentenced a Guardia Civil officer for causing a fatal accident on the A-7 motorway in June 2017 when he was off duty.

In the accident three people died and nine were injured, some seriously, at the point where the Malaga outer-ring motorway merges with the motorway from central Malaga, close to Torremolinos.

The judgement states that the off-duty officer was going at the very high speed of 149 km/h on a 120 km/h motorway, which also had a lower limit of 100 km/h on that particular stretch. He was found to be under the influence of drink and drugs, having taken a large amount of cocaine, "which affected his mental ability to drive and control of the vehicle".

The driver was in a Hyundai 140 that had left the Churriana tunnel on the outer-ring road as it joined the motorway from Malaga going towards Fuengirola. After hitting a BMW on the left it moved over to the right-hand lane, colliding with another car. From there he was bounced across the no-go area where the two motorways merge, entering the fast lane of the road from Malaga and hitting a taxi-bus. The taxi was forced right, spinning round and flinging five of the occupants out onto the carriageway.

The court has given a sentence of four years to the driver and a driving ban of five years. In terms of his civil liability to the victims, which was also ruled on by the court, a compensation payment of 1.44 million euros was set, which will have to be paid by the former officer to the families. The judge also decided that the man is free to return home as the risk of escape is minimal while the period for a possible appeal of the sentence ends.

The victims were in a family group from the Middle East who had just arrived at Malaga station on holiday.