Plans in motion to turn land by old Torremolinos mill into new hotel

Computerised image of the new hotel in Torremolinos.
Computerised image of the new hotel in Torremolinos. / SUR
  • The 40-million-euro project in the old town will see the historic building recovered for public use, plazas and a viewpoint

The council in Torremolinos has announced that a historic flour mill in the heart of the resort is to be restored as part of a luxury hotel project on the land around it. The Molina de la Bóveda is a disused 18th-century mill overlooking the sea by the cemetery and close to Calle San Miguel.

The plan was announced this week by the town's mayor, José Ortiz, and the owners of the land where the mill is located, Promociones Valdechoque SL. Although the project needs final clearance at the next council meeting, laying the foundations will start soon afterwards. The land will be used for 200-bedroom, glass-fronted hotel and include new walkways to connect the beach to the historic centre and the town's newly redeveloped pedestrianised areas.

The 3,500-square-metre development will respect the surrounding environment, including ruins of other mills nearby and the 100-year-old ficus tree that stands where the hotel's forecourt will be located. The tree has protected status, as does the old mill building which the council hopes to use as a visitor centre once it is handed over by the landowners as part of the deal and the restoration is complete.

The work, which it is estimated will take three years to complete, will create two public squares, Plaza del Molino and Plaza del Ficus. The Plaza del Molino will connect to the Cuesta del Tajo steps up from the beach, while the 2,000-square-metre Plaza del Ficus will become a lookout point with panoramic sea views.

Empty for many years

The property has stood abandoned for many years and the town hall has made many unsuccessful attempts to acquire it. The mill is part of a group of mills that were built between the 15th and 18th centuries to make flour and parts of it have since been used as a private home and a restaurant.

The hotel will create approximately 80 new jobs and the overall project will require an investment of 40 million euros.

The architect responsible for the project, Jesús Del Moral, said, "The main attraction of the project is that it opens up the area and generates a large square and an urban environment that recognises all the existing elements, such as the old ficus and the emblematic mills."

Major hotel chains are currently in negotiations to take over and further details are expected to be announced shortly.