Experts carry out in-depth study of Vélez-Málaga's old watchtowers

Experts inspect the Vigía de la Manganeta tower in Almayate.
Experts inspect the Vigía de la Manganeta tower in Almayate. / SUR
  • The project forms part of a 10-million-euro European funding programme and will look into the possibility of creating holiday accommodation

Experts from the University of Malaga are currently carrying out an in-depth study of the state of 10 of the 17 historic watchtowers which once defended Vélez-Málaga's coastline. The study will inform the town hall as to work needed to restore the coastal towers as well as possible future uses.

According to the councillor for employment, María José Roberto, one idea is to convert some into holiday accommodation, which she believes would promote the area's diversity to tourists and increase employment. However, she added that the town hall will not be able to make any decision until the experts' report has been handed to them and studied.

Vélez-Málaga is paying for the study with part of the 10 million-euro ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) money that it has been awarded for integrated sustainable development projects.

The Torre Moya in Benajarafe, Torre Atalaya, Torre Cortijo Los Lara, Torre de Cerro Tambor, Torre de Benadalid, Torre de Almayate Alto, Torre de Chilches, Torre del Jaral, Torre de Manganeta and Torre de Lagos are all included in the project. The Torre del Mar castle, Vélez-Málaga fort and Castillo de Marqués in Valle-Niza, which is used as a catering school, will also be included in the study, according to Roberto. Other projects which are set to come out of the European funding include repairing the tram infrastructure, introducing renewable energy and more efficient lighting in town hall buildings, street lighting and the expansion of fibre optics throughout the municipality.