Link to El Higuerón and Torreblanca from N-340 coast road ready in April

The bridge under the railway from the N-340 coast road.
The bridge under the railway from the N-340 coast road. / I.G.
  • A tunnel has been built under the Cercanías train line at Carvajal in a four-million-euro project partly paid for by developers

The new access route that will help people living to the north of Fuengirola to reach the coast road quicker at Carvajal is expected to be finished in April.

The new road will start at the so-called Lions roundabout on the N-340 and stretch 450 metres northwards. It will be a dual carriageway and will run underneath the newly-completed underpass below the Cercanías rail line from Fuengirola to Malaga. Work building the bridge-like structure under the tracks has been going on at night to avoid disrupting train travel too much.

The project has been on the drawing board for many years as the different developers and housing estates that are contributing to the construction cost reached an agreement. The total budget will be between four and 4.5 million euros and will improve access to the growing area of Fuengirola running up the hillside from Torreblanca to El Higuerón and Ladera areas.

Speaking about the project, Alfonso Haro, president of the group of developers funding the work, said: "Although it's right to say that we've had to pay the costs, the goodwill generated and the improvement for development projects in the area is key." ¡

Haro added that around 2,000-2,500 homes will see improved links and the upper access to El Higuerón off the A-7 motorway should see less congestion now.