Bones suitcase mystery solved as medical student declares ownership

  • More than 20 bones, individually wrapped, were discovered by an elderly couple in Fuengirola

An investigation has concluded that the suitcase filled with bones which was discovered in a Fuengirola lockup two weeks ago belonged to a medical student.

The more than 20 bones, individually wrapped in the English edition of a newspaper, were, because of the length of the femurs, found to have belonged to at least two humans - one man and one woman - after forensic investigations were carried out at the Instituto de Medicina Legal (IML).

The suitcase was discovered by an elderly couple who had just bought the lockup and were cleaning it out so that they could repaint it. They called the police once they discovered, some time later, what was inside.

The principal hypothesis at the time, given the way the bones were wrapped, was that the suitcase belonged to a medical student who had previously rented the lockup and had forgotten to remove them. However, given the the inability to gain more detailed forensic information, a multiple homicide could not be ruled out.

However, after tracking down the former owners, a Belgian family, the granddaughter of the owner, now deceased, who was a medical student at Malaga university, claimed ownership and was able to provide documentation from Fuengirola cemetery and the department of Anatomy and Embryology at the university.