Vélez mayor says work will not affect Holy Week

  • The mayor has assured residents that plans to pedestrianise Vélez town centre will not affect Holy Week processions

Mayor of Vélez-Málaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, has given his assurances that the town's Holy Week processions will not be affected by plans to pedestrianise Vélez town centre.

Speaking last week, he said that the traditional routes used by the different brotherhoods at Easter will not have to be modified and that the seating on Plaza de las Carmelitas, in front on the town hall, will be installed as usual.

However, president of the town's association of Holy Week brotherhoods, Francisco Javier García, said that the mayor has not called a meeting to inform them of the planned programme of work and he is "worried" about the situation. Work to pedestrianise the town centre is due to finish by summer this year, according to Moreno Ferrer, despite the fact that it has not started yet.