'Unicorn' man who robbed computer store detained

  • Spanish police have arrested a 20-year-old man

National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 20-year-old Spanish man who allegedly robbed a computer store in the city dressed as a unicorn.

The crime was reported on 9 January after the perpetrator was captured on CCTV footage, wearing a 'onesie' with a unicorn horn on the hood, having broken his way in by smashing the window using a manhole cover taken from the street. He stole around a dozen mobile phones, as well as 700 euros in cash. Last week, the police received eight calls regarding further break-ins using the same method - all in the Camino de Suárez district of the city.

The man was caught red-handed as he attempted another break-in. He was found with a computer, a tablet and several cosmetic products.