Francisco Delgado: "Equal pay is our greatest challenge for the future"

  • The Partido Popular representative believes that differences in pay is one of the biggest issues organisations face

The Partido Popular representative Francisco Delgado has been at the head of the Provincial Fire Consortium since 2015, the start of the PP's second mandate at the Diputación, the Malaga provincial government. Since then, he says, the organisation has "changed considerably" and he believes he has achieved something which deserves recognition: the firefighting consortium has been moved out of political debate, obtaining greater consensus in the chamber.

However, beyond the challenges which any organisation has to tackle these days (budget, projects and staffing levels), there is one which has been at the top of the list at the CPB for years: "Equal pay is our greatest challenge for the future," says Delgado, referring to the difference in salaries which has existed ever since the idea of the consortium was first conceived.

When local councils registered with the provincial government's firefighting service, it was discovered that the firefighters employed by the Diputación earned more than the ones who worked for the town halls. This difference has remained ever since, and has been part of the controversy, although Delgado insists there has always been dialogue and that they are working to resolve the problem in the next few years.

Otherwise, the future is hopeful in the eyes of the president, who believes that the increased budget (from 15 to 21 million euros a year) is a major step forward.

"The governing PP and the opposition parties have made a combined effort to give this organisation the value it deserves; I would say it is one of the most important services provided by the Diputación," he says.