Town hall accused of hiding USA trip expenses

  • Members of the town hall failed to present credit card statements and other financial documents relating to the trips when asked to

The vice secretary of Malaga's Partido Popular (PP) political party, Natacha Rivas, announced last week that Macharaviaya town hall has been accused of hiding information relating to expenses for trips made to the city of Pensacola in the USA over a five-year period.

The trips have been made to mark events related to Bernardo de Gálvez, who led the Battle of Pensacola during the American War of Independence and was born in Macharaviaya. Rivas said in a statement that members of the town hall, which is led by the opposition socialist PSOE party, did not present credit card statements and other information related to subsidies and other financial help to pay for the trips when asked to.

Public funds were used to pay for town hall representatives and Macharaviaya residents to participate in the trips.