Torrox cleaning company strike set to be cancelled after town tall agrees to pay rise

  • The strike was planned for the annual Día de las Migas celebrations on 16 December

The strike planned by Torrox's street cleaning company, to coincide with the annual Día de las Migas celebrations on 16 December, looks likely to be cancelled, thanks to an agreement between the town hall and unions representing the company.

The initial agreement was reached during a meeting last Friday at which the town hall said it would meet employees' demands of a six per cent pay rise this year and a further 2.5 per cent rise in 2019. Councillors also agreed to a two-day weekend for cleaning staff, instead of the current one day.

The company has said that it will not officially cancel the strike until it has the agreement in writing, which Torrox mayor, Óscar Medina, has said will come after a final meeting which is due to take place on Monday.

The salary increase and extra day off a week means that the town hall will have to find an additional 20 per cent in its annual budget to finance the agreement.