Torremolinos prepares to welcome the biggest urban transformation since the 1960s

Work on the new boulevard is now in the final stages.
Work on the new boulevard is now in the final stages. / T.B.
  • The Plaza Costa del Sol and the Avenida Palma de Mallorca have been transformed into a spacious boulevard that focuses on the strong link between Torremolinos and water

Torremolinos town hall has announced that the pedestrianisation of the town centre is nearing completion. Following almost 12 months of renovation work, the new boulevard is to be inaugurated on Wednesday 5 December .

The renovation of the Plaza Costa del Sol and Avenida de Palma Mallorca has been a main priority since they were closed to traffic in December 2015. The area, which incorporates parts of the Calle de la Cruz and Calle Hoyo, has undergone a complete facelift and has been transformed into a spacious boulevard with water features, bronze sculptures and shaded areas with seating. The work is in the final stages and labourers are working around the clock to install the final features before the opening ceremony next week.

The three million euro project was overseen by architect, Salvador Moreno Peralta, and involved the transformation of more than 10,000 square metres of the town.

However, renovations to the iconic Barrabino mansion, which will become a cultural, artistic and exhibition centre, are still in progress. The palatial home will gain prominence as the central focus of the square. The grounds will eventually be opened to allow easy access to the Plaza Picasso, and Plaza de Independencia, home of the town's new gourmet market.

One of the most striking elements of the project, which began in January, is a flowing concave and convex arched pergola that covers most of the Plaza Costa del Sol.

A focus on water

The project focuses on the strong link between Torremolinos and water. Several water features have been added, along with the reinstallation to its original location of the iconic old fountain. Several of the town's bronze statues have been relocated to the new boulevard. These include Mujer Jugando con Niño (woman playing with a child), which has been moved from Calle Barrabino to the central water feature. Los Oficios (the traders), a large sculpture by Elena Laverón that has been temporarily located in the grounds of the Picasso Cultural Centre, will take pride of place in the Plaza Costa del Sol.

The whole area has been paved with non-slip tiles and is designed to facilitate access to those with restricted mobility and the visually impaired.

Even though the project has adhered to its original schedule, many business owners in the square will welcome the end of the building work with open arms. Some traders feel that the work seemed never-ending, due to the different phases of infrastructural work. However, the majority of traders and the locals see the transformation as the rebirth of Torremolinos, as this has been the biggest change the town has witnessed since the 1960s.