Logarma plans to invest 60 million euros in a tourist complex in the Entrerríos area of Mijas

The site at Entrerríos.
The site at Entrerríos. / I. Gelibter
  • The resort will include one of the biggest golf courses in Andalucía, a five-star hotel, apartments and an equestrian centre

Since the announcement just over a year ago that the historical Hotel Byblos in Mijas was to reopen, the municipality has continued to attract large new investment projects. The latest news is that the Logarma SL company plans to spend around 60 million euros on a tourism complex near La Cala de Mijas, on a 1,078,524 square metre site in the Entrerríos area.

The complex, which will be called Valle del Golf Resort, is an ambitious initative which includes a five-star hotel, one of the biggest golf courses in Andalucía and an equestrian centre, among other attractions.

"The most important thing for the people of Mijas in this case is that the project will generate 410 jobs and will also help to boost the local economy, not only through the money spent by all the new visitors, but also because this type of initiative contributes to attracting year-round tourism. Golf is a sport which can be played at any time of year," says the mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado.

Sources at Mijas town hall say that the project was first planned some years ago but has had to be modified several times before the definitive version was agreed.

"The town planning department has been working closely with the developers to adapt the plans to comply with our regulations. This project is very positive for Mijas because the access from La Cala to Entrerríos is being improved, and there will be new green zones, roads and leisure facilities as well as a woodland area with more than 8,000 native trees," says councillor Andrés Ruiz. The initiative is now waiting to be approved as being "of tourist interest" by the Junta de Andalucía.

The five-star hotel will have 156 bedrooms, a large conference room, a spa centre, training and physiotherapy facilities, a banqueting room and a restaurant specialising in regional haute cuisine.

The 'Pueblo Adele' complex will be Mediterranean in style and consist of 350 apartments around a large central square where concerts and other events will take place.