Three Costa towns receive 'green igloo' awards for recycling glass

Del Cid with the mayor and town councillors of Manilva.
Del Cid with the mayor and town councillors of Manilva. / C.M.
  • On average residents of Casares recycled 72 kilos of glass each in 2017; in Manilva the figure was 42 kilos per person

Manilva, Casares and Fuengirola have received 'green igloo' (the nickname given to bottle banks in Spain) awards from the Ecovidrio recycling organisation in recognition of the levels of glass recycled throughout all three municipalities.

Ecovidrio launched a summer initiative, 'Take note, recycle glass', during which 220 tonnes of glass were recycled in Manilva, a four per cent increase compared to the same period last year. Some 37 hotels and establishments in Manilva were involved in the initiative.

Casares recycled 141 tonnes of glass as part of the summer plan, a nine per cent increase on last year. Fuengirola, meanwhile, recycled 673 tonnes of glass, up 11 per cent.

The awards were handed over by the president of the Mancomunidad of the western Costa del Sol, Margarita del Cid. She explained that with 'Take note, recycle glass', Ecovidrio aimed "to raise awareness among the hotel industry and increase glass recycling".

On a national level, the Ecovidrio campaign has involved 92 town councils of coastal municipalities and more than 10,600 catering and hotel establishments. In total, more than 39,000 tonnes of glass have been recycled through the scheme.

Glass recycling figures were also provided for the year 2017, when residents of Manilva recycled 616,960 kilos of glass, which is, on average, 42.3 kilos per person. In total, 2017 saw Casares residents recycle 415,380 kilos of glass, 72.3 per person. Fuengirola, as the biggest of these towns, recycled 1,699,360 kilos of glass, 22.7 kilos per person throughout last year.

Head of Ecovidrio, Jesús Gutiérrez, explained that in the last 20 years the amount of glass recycled in Spain has grown from 31.3 per cent (in 2000) to 73 per cent in 2017.