More Malaya corruption assets to be put on sale on new website

  • Large compensation payments are, in most cases, still outstanding

A court in Malaga has decided to launch a second website to sell off assets seized as part of the Malaya corruption case in Marbella. Although the trials of those in the massive scandal, which rocked the town hall when news broke over ten years ago, are now long over, large compensation payments due from those sentenced are in most cases still outstanding.

The raising of funds from the sale of seized assets belonging to the ringleader, former town-planning boss, Juan Antonio Roca, has been helped by the publication of a special public website displaying his multi-million-euro property and assets, with money from sales going towards paying Roca's debt.

Now a judge, seeing how slowly the money is being paid back by the rest of those sentenced, has decided to launch a second website dedicated just to selling their assets.

Among those who will see their seized items put on public sale are former mayor, Marisol Yägue, former councillor, Isabel García Marcos, Roca's brother-in-law, Antonio Jimeno and other local business people and associates of the council that were sentenced for their part in the so-called 'Operación Malaya'.

The existing website for Juan Antonio Roca can be found at: www.