Las Lagunas school designated an ambassador for the EU

Students with headteacher, María Adela Camacho.
Students with headteacher, María Adela Camacho. / I.Gelibter
  • The secondary school is the only one in Malaga province to have been selected after meeting a series of criteria

Not for the first time, the IES Las Lagunas secondary school has received recognition from a major organisation. Last year its headteacher received the National Education Prize, while this year it has been chosen by the European Parliament Liaison Office to be an Ambassador School for the European Union.

This project has been ongoing in all of the other member states for a couple of years but this is the first time it was opened up to schools in Spain outside the region of Madrid.

IES Las Lagunas is the only school in Malaga province to have been selected and is among a total 100 schools picked across the country.

Headteacher María Adela Camacho said that this was a source of "pride" and a "massive responsibility" to represent Malaga as pioneers of this project. She also said that it wasn't easy achieving this recognition as the staff, including herself, had to undergo training to become 'senior embassadors'.

Now it is the responsibility of those teachers to lead the project in the school. Bachillerato (A-Levels equivalent) first-year students are 'junior embassadors' and it is their job to find out about the functions of the European Union and share that knowledge with their peers and families.

An 'info point' also has to be set up in the school, while events will be organised to celebrate Europe Day on 9 May.