Embassy gets preview of planned triple tribute to Gálvez in the US

Recreation of the Gálvez monument in Galveston.
Recreation of the Gálvez monument in Galveston. / SUR
  • An opera, film and statue are all planned to be premiered or unveiled next year in honour of the American War hero from the Axarquía

The Spanish embassy in Washington hosted the presentation on Tuesday of three tributes to the eighteenth-century war hero, Bernardo de Gálvez, who was born in Macharaviaya, in the Axarquía.

An opera, film and statue of the Spanish military figure who led the Battle of Pensacola in 1781, during the American War of Independence, will each be premiered or unveiled in 2019 in the cities of Houston and Galveston in Texas.

The opera, Yo Solo: Gálvez the Unsung Hero of the American Revolution - Let's Make Him Sing!, by Marec Béla Steffens, is due to premiere in spring next year in both cities, while a documentary film, directed by historian and documentary director and producer, Gary Foreman, and based on the book, Gálvez / Spain - Our Forgotten Ally in The American Revolutionary War, by Edward Butler, will also be aired in 2019. The trailer for the film was shown at Tuesday's event in Washington.

The final act will be the unveiling of a statue of Gálvez on his horse, by sculptor Eric Kaposta, on a square which already bears the name of the soldier, between Seawall Boulevard and 27th Street in the city of Galveston, which receives six million passersby each year. The city is named after Gálvez.

In Malaga, the Diputación provincial authority is organising a symposium on Bernardo de Gálvez at the end of this month, coinciding with the anniversary of his death on 30 November. Experts from the USA and Mexico will be speaking at the event, details of which will be announced next week.