Two dead among 15 migrants arriving on Chilches beach last Saturday

  • A further two showed signs of hypothermia

The latest migrant tragedy to hit Malaga province this year occurred on Chilches beach last Saturday afternoon, when a dinghy with 15 north and sub-Saharan Africans arrived, two of whom had died before reaching shore.

Eleven of the migrants managed to flee as soon as the boat reached the beach. However, a further two, including a 16-year-old, stayed in the area as they were showing signs of hypothermia.

According to one of the boys, who was interviewed in French by Guardia Civil officers, another two passengers had also died and were removed from the boat earlier in the journey. In total eight of the migrants were detained. Two minors were taken to a centre for young migrants in Torremolinos, four of the adults were taken to the National Police station in Torre del Mar and two showing signs of hypothermia were taken to hospital.

On Sunday, a further 139 migrants who had arrived in three boats were taken to temporary accommodation at Malaga's fairground.

So far some 5,000 people have reached the Costa del Sol in migrant boats this year.