Plans approved to extend the coastal walkway to Río Real

The new stretch will connect El Pinillo and Río Real.
The new stretch will connect El Pinillo and Río Real. / Josele-Lanza
  • The 640-metre stretch will cost the provincial authority more than 900,000 euros

Marbella town hall has approved the construction of a new stretch of coastal pathway to link the El Pinillo area with the existing promenade at Río Real.

The plan is to extend the pathway by 640 metres, which is estimated to cost 918,000 euros and will take five months to complete.

The project will mean that Banana Beach can be reached from Palm Beach without ever leaving the seafront. The whole area will also have lighting installed.

Marbella council approved the project on Monday after permission had already been granted by the Environment ministry of the Andalusian regional government.

Marbella council plans to ask the Diputación provincial authority to subsidise the cost of the works, as the new additions will form part of its Gran Senda coastal walkway project which spans the province.

In fact, in the summer, the Diputación announced in Marbella that the provincial government would give close to a million euros to the project, fully financing it.