After last week's storms, an inland animal shelter appeals for help

The weak perimeter wall at the Palevlas shelter in Monda.
The weak perimeter wall at the Palevlas shelter in Monda. / F.Torres
  • The clean-up operation continues across the Costa del Sol and Malaga province where first estimates suggested 16m euros damage to property

Last week's storms across Malaga caused damage over a wide area and the province is taking time to count the full cost and make use of emergency repair funds.

The inland village of Monda, in the Sierra de las Nieves, was one of the worst affected areas. This week the local animal shelter, Palevlas, appealed for help for it to get back to normal. The rain damaged the two access roads into the farm where the charity organisation is based and weakened most of the wall surrounding the area where the animals waiting for adoption are kept. There are around 100 dogs and cats according to managers.

The head of the association, María Serrano, described the situation as critical this week. "We'll take a long time to get back to normal, but we need help urgently," she said.

With the centre cut off to vehicles, the organisers were appealing for volunteers to help them rebuild the wall, including companies who might want to donate materials.

Monda's mayor, Francisco Sánchez, has said that the town hall has been overwhelmed with requests for help in the past week after rain swept some rural properties away and cut off roads.

Clean-up operation

As the clean-up operation continues, the damage caused to private property by last week's downpours in the province of Malaga was estimated as being worth some 16 million euros. This first figure, offered by the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros - a central government insurance body which covers damage caused by natural phenomena - was expected to vary over the following days as the full extent of the damage was assessed.

Last Friday, the majority of claims processed, explained the central government delegate in the province of Malaga, María Gámez, were for damage caused to vehicles mainly in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara area, which made up around 20 per cent of the 15-million estimate.