Vélez town hall demolishes house built on protected rural land

  • They began the demolition on Wednesday

Vélez town hall began the demolition on Wednesday of a 190-square-metre property built on land classed as 'no urbanizable de especial protección' - non urbanisable land with special protection - in compliance with a court order.

According to the Planning Department at the town hall the property had planning permission for a 40-square-metre construction on the site of an old building, however the owner built a 190-square-metre villa on a different part of the land. The same sources said that the house could not be legalised.

The property's owner, Juan Carlos Tovar, said that the house was built on a 17,000-square-metre site and when he bought the land in 2004, the former owner told him he had planning permission. He pointed out that as the town hall was carrying out the demolition, on top of losing his house, he will have to foot the 49,000-euro bill for the work.