Malaga province ends the summer with more water than last year

A heavy downpour took Nerja by surprise on Monday.
A heavy downpour took Nerja by surprise on Monday. / SUR
  • The present reservoir levels mean supplies to Malaga city are guaranteed for three years and for two years in La Axarquía

The rain which fell in March and April this year not only narrowly avoided a drought decree coming into force in Andalucía, but has also meant that Malaga province has more water reserves after the summer than it had a year ago.

Official figures show that the reservoirs (La Concepción, Casasola, Limonero, Guadalteba, Guadalhorce, Conde de Guadalhorce and La Viñuela) currently hold 120.52 cubic hectometres more than in early October last year. In total there are 354 hm3 of water in the reservoirs.

The regional government's representative for the Environment in Malaga province, Adolfo Moreno, said there is enough water to supply Malaga city for the next three years, and La Axarquía area for two years. On the western Costa del Sol, supply is guaranteed for one year because of the limited capacity of La Concepción reservoir in Marbella.

On Monday afternoon in Nerja a heavy downpour of rain and hail took residents and tourists by surprise. Some premises and basements were flooded.