Family of three found dead in a house in the countryside near Coín

The family were renting a house outside the town.
The family were renting a house outside the town. / F. TORRES
  • The police are investigating all possible reasons for the deaths, including a suicide pact or a case of domestic violence

An inquiry is under way into the deaths of three people whose bodies were found on Wednesday in a country house near Coín. The victims, who were all Dutch, were a 62-year-old man, his wife, 59, and her mother, aged 89. They had been renting the property.

Their bodies were discovered around midday, when the son of the landlord, who hadn't seen the tenants for a while, went to the house to make sure they were alright. He immediately rang the emergency services, and officers from the Local Police and Guardia Civil rushed to the scene.

After confirming that all three were dead and that no medical attention would be possible, the officers notified the judicial authorities. Forensic experts began to inspect the house, a task that was expected to take more than one day because of the complex scenario, not least because there were three bodies in the property.

The man was found hanged, which clearly points to suicide, say the police. However, as far as the women are concerned the situation is more complicated. According to sources close to the case, the three bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition, which made it difficult to identify the cause of the women's deaths. An autopsy will be carried out to determine whether they show signs of injuries which could indicate that they had been killed. The approximate date of death may also shed some light on the case.

The Guardia Civil says it is open to all hypotheses. The protocol for cases of possible violent death was automatically activated in case the man had committed suicide after killing his wife and mother-in-law.

Personal story

Officers are looking into the lives of the family members, who had been living in Coín for about six years and seemed to be well settled. They have discovered that the younger woman was suffering from cancer, thought to be terminal, so the authorities are now looking into the possibility of a suicide pact. No farewell note was found in the house, although all the documentation was well ordered and there was a written list of personal effects.

The news came as a shock in Coín, especially in the area where the house is located, in Moretas Coín, a rural development in the north of the municipality which is accessed by lanes used by very little traffic.

The few neighbours said they didn't know the family very well but they had never caused any problems and kept themselves to themselves. Despite this, the atmosphere was tense when the news of the three deaths broke. Residents admitted that nobody in the area had noticed that the family hadn't left their house in several days.