'Noisy' and 'dangerous' dog kennels opens up municipal border dispute

Founder of Refugio de Leo, Lourdes Peláez.
Founder of Refugio de Leo, Lourdes Peláez. / E. C.
  • The Refugio de Leo, which houses 19 dogs, opened a year ago on the border between Vélez-Málaga and Arenas

A border dispute between Vélez-Málaga and Arenas has been opened up as a result of complaints from residents in the Cerro Beas area about the Refugio de Leo dog kennels which opened up next to their homes a year ago.

Complaints have been filed to both town halls against this allegedly illegal shelter, but owner Lourdes Peláez claims that the land is in Arenas territory, even though Vélez town hall has issued her with a fine of 21,000 euros for not having the appropriate licences.

A number of residents in the area appeared on regional TV channel Canal Sur's Andalucía Directo programme to describe the "fear" they have that the dogs could escape and attack them and the barking which "lasts several hours and stops [them] from sleeping or having any rest".

"Sometimes these animals are left for days at a time and not given anything to eat," they said.

As a result, Arenas town hall has said it will set up a special commission to determine under whose jurisdiction the kennels fall.

For her part, Peláez said she is in a "legal limbo" and hopes that this "can be resolved satisfactorily in the next few months".