Go-ahead for study to restore tower that gave name to Torremolinos

The conservation plan for the Torre Pimentel has various phases.
The conservation plan for the Torre Pimentel has various phases. / I. GELIBTER
  • The first phase of this key part of the council's plan to conserve local heritage will look at the present state of the famous Torre de los Molinos

The town hall in Torremolinos has said that it has started the much-anticipated archeological and structural study of a historic tower that gave its name to the resort.

Councillors want to fully conserve the structure of Torre Pimentel and tidy up the surrounding area as the centrepiece of their wider plan to restore heritage sites across the municipality.

Following permission from the regional Environment ministry, the council is now carrying out a 226,000-euro study of the actual state of the site, supported by a 70 per cent grant from the national ministry for Infrastructure.

The 12-metre-high tower, at the coastal end of iconic Calle San Miguel and overlooking the sea, is also known as Torre de los Molinos (Tower of the Mills) and gave its name to the resort.

Latest scientific techniques

The study to be carried out as the preliminary phase of the project has been labelled 'preventative archeology' and will use modern techniques to analyse how it is built, the state of the foundations and how it has changed over the years, as well as look for any structural weaknesses.

Samples will also be taken of the mortar and the site cleared of debris and rubbish.

Once this part of the study is complete, an argument can be put forward for money to conserve and restore it, according to the go-ahead report from the regional government's environmental department.

The landmark tower is believed to have been first built in the pre-Christian Nasrid era, around 1300.