Police hunt occupants who fled a burning car in Puerto Banús

One of the pictures showing the fire engulfing the vehicle.
One of the pictures showing the fire engulfing the vehicle. / SUR
  • Four men were seen leaving the area after the top-end Audi caught fire. A Moroccan man with European citizenship is one of the suspects

Police are looking for the four men that were reportedly seen running away from a burning car left in the middle of the street just after the entrance barrier to Puerto Banús marina last Sunday.

Eyewitnesses reported that, when the vehicle caught fire for as yet unknown reasons, the men promptly got out of the Audi Q7 and inexplicably left the scene while people nearby started gathering and the police were cordoning off the area.

The cause of the fire is still not clear and it will not be easy to identify, investigators said, as the vehicle was completely unrecognisable. At first, it was speculated that the fire could have been started by an overheating of the battery, however, it was later reported by people who were on the scene when the car started burning that the fire seemed to have come from the back of the vehicle. Explosions that were reportedly heard were later explained as tyres popping in the heat of the blaze.

Pass holder sought

To access the harbour area in Puerto Banús, a driver has to purchase a yearly pass that requires some sort of identification. Thanks to this security system, the police were able to rapidly identify the pass used as belonging to a Moroccan man who has citizenship of another European country. Now the police are seeking to clarify if he was the individual that was driving the car, who were the other passengers and why they all left the scene of the accident.

No people were injured by the car fire, however, one woman's hearing was reported to have been affected by the explosion of one of the tyres. The fire was quickly contained and the remains of the car were removed.