New water treatment plant to serve Álora, Pizarra and Coín will be built next year

The meeting between the mayors and the water consortium.
The meeting between the mayors and the water consortium. / SUR
  • Three Guadalhorce valley communities unite to analyse the costs of a water treatment plant and speed up its opening

A new EDAR water treatment plant will serve Coín, Pizarra and Álora from next year, it has been confirmed.

Mayors of the three towns have met with the Consorcio del Agua, part of the Malaga provincial authority who will run the treatment plant, to confirm the details and evaluate the costs involved in the project.

The construction of the plant is being financed as part of the plan to upgrade the hydro infrastructure of the region. Works will start with a budget of 7.5 million euros for the plant plus a 6.5-million-euro investment for sewage pipes from these towns to the treatment plant.

At the moment, Coín is one of the towns with more than 15,000 inhabitants which doesn't have a treatment plant and which cost the Spanish government 12 million euros in fines from the EU.