Body of young Vélez-Málaga diver discovered by British leisure boat

Fidel Jiménez with a fish he caught off Barbate.
Fidel Jiménez with a fish he caught off Barbate. / Facebook
  • Free diver Fidel Jiménez Marín went missing on 22 July when he was diving five miles off the coast of Barbate in Cadiz

A sad ending to the story of the young diver from Vélez-Málaga who went missing off the coast of Cadiz. A British-registered leisure boat spotted the body floating in the ocean on Monday, ten kilometres from where he went missing. Sea Rescue and the Guardia Civil quickly removed the body and took it to the port of Barbate where it was identified as being Fidel Jiménez Marín, a 23-year-old free diver from Vélez-Málaga who had been missing since 22 July.

Free diving does not use air tanks, instead it relies on the diver holding his breath until resurfacing and is a popular way of fishing with a spear gun.

According to Juan Toro, who was one of the divers with Fidel when he disappeared, the body was identified easily by the wet suit and the spear gun he was still carrying.

Although divers had been searching the area in a radius of several kilometres following Fidel's disappearance, the body is believed to have sunk several metres below the surface making it difficult to find until it came to the surface.

The search teams were helped by friends of the diver and a robot submarine, sent by a Galician company and paid for by the Vélez town hall, was due to be used in the search last Wednesday.

This was not Fidel's first dive from the coast in this part of Cadiz; just a month ago he had moved to Zahora in Barbate in order to work in a pizzeria so he could continue his love of free diving.