Provincial government withdraws funding for cultural event in Genalguacil

Luz Prado and Elsa Aparicio with art from the 2016 event.
Luz Prado and Elsa Aparicio with art from the 2016 event. / A. J. L.
  • Encuentros de Arte had enjoyed an improvement in quality as a result of the government subsidy, but now there are doubts about its future

The 2018 edition of Encuentros de Arte, to be held during the first two weeks of August in the village of Genalguacil, is currently shrouded in uncertainty after the Diputación, (provincial government), recently moved to withdraw funding from the biennial cultural event.

Created in 1994, the convention of artists has enjoyed a considerable jump in quality since 2014 thanks to the introduction of 80,000 euros worth of subsidies from the Diputación, which came to account for 60 per cent of the total budget.

The decision was made during a plenary session on Tuesday after the PP-led Diputación rejected a PSOE motion to continue funding.

The provincial councillor for culture, Victor González, rejected accusations of sectarianism from the PSOE's Luis Guerrero and claimed that the decision was not political, but rather a result of administrative issues, saying that the Genalguacil council "didn't do things in the right way".

The motion was rejected due to the number of votes opposed from members of the PP, despite votes in favour from the PSOE, IU, Málaga Ahora and an abstention from Ciudadanos, and an emotive speech from the village's mayor, Miguel Ángel Herrera, who stressed that Genalguacil needed the Encuentros de Arte to stave off depopulation.