Crackdown on Benalmádena illegal street vendors after local complaints

File photo of Costa street vendors packing up before police arrive.
File photo of Costa street vendors packing up before police arrive. / A. G.
  • In a Local Police operation last Friday, coordinated from Plaza Olé, over 1,300 items were seized and some of the 50 sellers detained

Following complaints from local businesses about illegal street vendors on Benalmádena Costa, the town hall has organised a police operation that seized 1,367 items which were being sold unlawfully.

Earlier this month, the Benalmádena business and traders' association, ACEB, accused the council of reneging on plans agreed prior to the summer to properly control the street hawkers who set up their temporary stalls along the promenade and adjoining streets during the peak season.

Last Friday, 19 July, 27 Local Police officers, with the support of National Police and council staff, carried out an operation to counter recent criticism, centred on Plaza Olé, near the seafront. Some of the 50 hawkers inspected were detained and their goods, ranging from bags and sports shoes to laser pens and selfie sticks were confiscated.

Responding to the recent criticism that it wasn't doing enough, a council spokesperson said this week that "over the summer season especially we dedicate daily resources to control and fine illegal street selling", although he added that the sellers are organised into sophisticated gangs that monitor police movements.

President of the ACEB traders' association, Rosa María González Rubia, had claimed the problem had become a lot worse this year. She said that there were continuous complaints and objections from shopowners who are "helpless witnesses to the unfair competition, very often on the doorstep of their own premises".