Government considers changes to improve local control over holiday lets

  • The new minister for Tourism has said that a coordinated solution needs to be found to control unregulated tourist accommodation

The central government in Madrid has turned its attention this week to the problem of the uncontrolled growth in the amount of privately rented tourist accommodation.

Prime minister Pedro Sánchez said on Tuesday that wording would be modified to exclude self-catering holiday accommodation from short-term rental legislation, which is centrally controlled. Instead tourist lets will be defined as business activity, which allows each of Spain's autonomous regions to take locally specific action. Specific legislation could then be applied to tourist properties.

At a meeting on Wednesday the minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, said that "all of the legislation that could affect this matter will be studied", including national property laws, with the aim of considering changes to regulations that would make it easier for regional and local authorities to control the activity.

The regional minister for Tourism at the Junta de Andalucía, Francisco Javier Fernández, has stated on several occasions that there is a need for a central framework that regional authorities could then follow.

Single Spanish register

The Spanish association of digital platforms for temporary lets (PAT) has called for "good, common regulation" in Spain for tourist property rentals with a "single register". From then on the different characteristics of each region's own legislation could be analysed.

The association was founded a month ago by the holiday rentals sites HomeAway, Niumba, Rentalia and to give representation to a type of accommodation that has "come to stay" and "open dialogue channels" with the tourism industry and the administrations.