Extra police officers drafted in to the Costa del Sol this summer

Francisco López and María Gámez in Malaga this week.
Francisco López and María Gámez in Malaga this week. / M. F.
  • A plan to keep tourists safe is being expanded as a precautionary measure because of the number of visitors who are expected to arrive in the coming days

The government's representative for Malaga province, María Gámez, has announced the details of this year's special plan to keep tourists safe, which began on Friday. It includes the temporary assignment of an extra 190 National Police officers to Malaga, which she said is deemed sufficient to deal with the avalanche of tourists who are expected this summer.

Also at the presentation were the provincial police chief, Francisco López Canedo; the head of the Consular corps in Malaga, Pedro Megías González; and the president of the Costa del Sol Hoteliers Association, Luis Callejón. María Gámez explained that the police officers will increase safety for visitors to the coastal region in general, and that special attention will also be given to major events, where there will be a higher police presence than usual.

Both Gámez and López Canedo stressed that this is purely a precautionary measure and there is no cause for alarm: tourists can feel confident about their safety in Malaga province, they said.

The police headquarters in Malaga will also have the cooperation of police from elsewhere in Europe: several officers from France and Germany will be arriving soon to provide support for the National Police in the province.

The safe tourism plan operates all year round, but is boosted in the summer. There will be extra monitoring of beaches, hotels, places of interest, town centres, shopping malls, railway and bus stations, the port, airport, tourist information centres and other busy places.