Court halves number of people being investigated in illegal dump scandal

The illegal dump in Nerja.
The illegal dump in Nerja. / E. C.
  • Former Nerja mayor, José Alberto Armijo, current mayor, Rosa Arrabal, and Environment councillor, Jorge Bravo, are among those still implicated

Twenty people originally believed to be involved in the Río de la Miel illegal rubbish dump scandal in Nerja have been freed from further investigation in a letter from Malaga's provincial court to the judge presiding over the case at Torrox court.

The removal of the twenty people from the list has reduced those still being investigated by half. Three former Partido Popular (PP) councillors and one Socialist party (PSOE) councillor are among those who have been removed from the list by the Malaga court. Others are staff of companies that are also caught up in the controversial dump.

Former mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo (PP), current mayor, Rosa Arrabal (PSOE), and environment councillor, Jorge Bravo, are among those still under investigation for their part in allowing local companies to dump their rubbish at the site from 1998 until 2016. Seven business owners and two further councillors are also still involved.

The letter stresses the "high risk of damage to natural ecosystems, water quality, flora and fauna, contamination of subterranean and surface water, forest fires and public health" caused by the site which is situated in a protected natural park area on the outskirts of the town.