Search for clues continues after a baby's body is found in Casares tip

Guardia Civil at the scene on Saturday.
Guardia Civil at the scene on Saturday. / C. Márquez
  • The shock discovery was made last Saturday morning by a worker at the plant who was sorting through organic waste

A Guardia Civil investigation continues after the body of a newborn baby was found at a waste management plant in Casares on Saturday morning.

The body was discovered at around 10.10am by a worker who was sorting the bottles from the organic waste. The worker stopped immediately and informed the authorities.

The baby, a boy no more than two days old, was naked and had blood on him. Initial theories suggest he may have died during birth, before being placed in a street waste container.

Sources at the waste management plant which serves the Costa del Sol told SUR that the baby had been placed in a grey container that was most likely emptied on the Friday night.

José Carrasco, mayor of Casares, where the tip is located, said on Saturday that he was "troubled" by the events and said that he hoped the investigation could clear up what happened.

This is not an easy operation, however. The standard protocol for these situations has been activated, SUR sources say, with hospitals and health centres in the area asked for information about any women who have recently received treatment and appeared to have just given birth.

The first step was for the waste surrounding the body to be analysed in order to find any clues, (receipts, letters, shopping bags), to try and work out where the body may have been deposited as eleven different municipalities send waste to this plant. This proved inconclusive and the plant resumed its normal activity later that the same day.

This is not the first time that a body has been discovered at this plant. In its 19 years of activity, the body of a woman has been discovered, as well a body parts of a man who turned out to be wanted by the police.

The Guardia Civil have asked for the general public's help; anyone with any information should call 062.