Junta de Andalucía tells utility and phone firms to open real offices

  • As part of new customer protection regulations, water, electricity, gas, insurance and phone must also provide round-the-clock customer service by telephone without charge

The Junta de Andalucía is working on new consumer-protection legislation that includes the obligation for a water, electricity, gas, insurance or phone supplier to have at least one physical office open to the public in each of the eight Andalusian provinces.

In addition it is asking for the firms to provide round-the-clock customer service by telephone without charge.

The Junta, which operates an arbitration service between consumers and some companies, said that in 2017 it had 1,843 arbitration requests, 8.5 per cent more than a year earlier.

It says that many cases could have been solved sooner if customers didn't have just a telephone operator available to help them. Some 4,000 companies in all sectors are signed up to the regional arbitration system.