Malaga port gives the Red Cross space for a migrant attention centre

Migrants rescued at sea arrive in Malaga port.
Migrants rescued at sea arrive in Malaga port. / SUR
  • Premises will be turned into a first aid centre and can be used by the organisation free of charge for at least three years

The Port Authority has approved giving the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) organisation authoritisation to use port premises for their work helping newly-arrived migrants.

The premises, one larger space covering 406 square metres plus a smaller one, are located close to the fishing quay. The organisation will have to fit the premises out itself before it can start attending to the health and social needs of the migrants rescued at sea and brought into Malaga port.

The authorisation has been approved for an initial period of three years and the use of the buildings is free of charge, after the authority approved the exemption of fees.

The president of the Malaga Port Authority, Paulino Plata, pointed out that the Cruz Roja facility in the port would allow the organisation to offer first aid and attend to the needs of the migrants in better conditions.