Aifos still tops the list of Costa del Sol firms with the biggest debts with the taxman

  • The bankrupt developer is the Spanish tax agency's sixth biggest debtor and its owners and affiliates are also on the black list

Aifos is once again the Costa del Sol firm which owes most to Hacienda, the Spanish tax agency. The developer, currently in a complex and never-ending administration process has an outstanding debt of more than 98.6 million euros, which makes it the sixth biggest debtor in Spain.

Since the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT) - the official name of the tax agency that is more commonly known as Hacienda - started to publish its black list at the end of 2015, Aifos has had the dubious honour of being the biggest debtor in the province of Malaga. What's more, the second and third positions on the list are occupied by firms with the same owner as Aifos: Promotores y Consultores Ziur, which owes almost 38 million euros; and Sun Farm, with a debt of 32 million. Their owner, Jesús Ruiz Casado, also appears on Hacienda's black list for individuals, owing more than ten million euros; his wife, Teresa Maldonado Taillefer, has a similar amount of unpaid tax outstanding. Private individuals do not appear on this page, however.

The list published last week by AEAT includes 150 firms, whose headquarters are registered in Malaga province. The number has gone down with respect to previous lists, which at one point had as many as 200 debtors. Their total debt to Hacienda is more than 652 million euros.

One new entry this year is Grupo Vera, which appears in seventh place among Malaga debtors with more than 15 million euros. This veteran construction firm had already been through an administration process, but last year it went into liquidation after it was unable to meet the deadlines established by court to pay back creditors. The list also includes Grupo Vera's affiliate Draba, with a debt of almost 12 million euros.

Bankrupt companies

This Hacienda black list is dominated by bankrupt construction firms and property developers, which makes it unlikely that the Spanish tax office will recover its debts. This is the case of Evemarina, Promociones Cuevas Sánchez, Promociones Lorcrimar, Hexa, Ingeconser, Construcciones López Porras...

Outside the property industry the presence of other firms that have been through an administration process on the list, including Isofotón, Euralex, Novasoft, Oleoliva, Aurigacrown Car Hire, Niza Cars or Mr Gold, comes as little surprise.