SUR shows support for diversity with its new LGBT magazine, SIX

Some of those who attended the presentation this week.
Some of those who attended the presentation this week. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The publication in Spanish and English, presented this week in Torremolinos, looks at the social reality of the collective and reflects "the newspaper's commitment to equality"

The number of colours in the flag of the LGBT collective has given the name to a new publication from SUR, which has just been launched to call for freedom and sexual diversity.

SIX magazine, which is free and available from hundreds of distribution points in Malaga province, was presented at the Meliá Costa del Sol hotel in Torremolinos earlier this week, an event attended by dozens of representatives from the public administrations, the business sector, the media and different associations.

The magazine takes a detailed look at the reality of life for this collective through interviews, reports and social and cultural information.

Among those present were the mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, and the director of SUR, Manuel Castillo, who praised the work of the editorial team and explained that SIX came about "totally naturally". He explained that "the best flag we can fly is the flag of independent information, unattached and committed to equality, because a newspaper cannot be indifferent or sit on the fence". Castillo described SIX as a reflection of SUR's "commitment to equality".

José Ortiz said that in terms of LGBT tourism this summer, Torremolinos is expecing 45,000 visitors and 250,000 overnight stays with an estimated expenditure of 35 million euros. He also announced that the LGBT Pride event in Torremolinos next year will take place from 25 May to 2 June. "We know we are on the right path," he said. "On the side of diversity".

The coordinator of SIX magazine, Iván Gelibter, talked about the content and thanked those who collaborated with the publication for their hard work. "It is a yellow brick road, but more and more people are getting behind the rainbow movement now," he said. Olympic swimmer Carlos Peralta told those present how his life had changed after he had gone public about his sexuality: "My message is that we have to shout loudly. One day this will be normal; being gay will no longer be news," he said.

Professor Juan Naranjo, an expert in LGBT History, stressed the need to keep fighting for full equality and not let there be a place for homophobia in public places or institutions. "The ghost of homophobia still walks in the corridors of schools, embittering the lives of thousands of adolescents who ought to be enjoying the happiest years of their lives," he said.

Among other items, the first issue of SIX contains an interview with water polo champion Víctor Gutiérrez, an article about inclusive language, a report on the evolution of the LGBT movement in the past 50 years and another on the police raid which ended the gay ambience of Torremolinos in 1971. The magazine, which has over 100 pages and several sections, includes forthcoming cultural events.