Dublin man gets 22 years for his part in gunning down of Gary Hutch

The accused photographed during the trial.
The accused photographed during the trial. / SUR
  • The jury said it had not been proven that James Quinn fired the shots in 2015 but confirmed that he was "a necessary participant"

The provincial court has sentenced James Quinn to 22 years for his part in the murder of fellow Irish national, Gary Hutch. Quinn's lawyer is expected to appeal.

Quinn was found guilty by jury for his role in Hutch's killing, however they did not consider it proven that he was the one who carried out the killing himself nor that he benefited from it financially and was part of an organised gang, as the prosecution had alleged.

The court's ruling explained that it had been proven that on the morning of 24 September 2015, Quinn, in conjunction with another person who has still not been identified and after being asked by another unknown person to end the life of the victim and in a premeditated plan, travelled with this aim and with the other person in a BMW X-3 to the home of Gary Hutch, in the Miraflores area of Mijas Costa.

Once there, while James Quinn kept watch inside the car, his unidentified accomplice went inside the development with two guns and waited for the victim in the car park, according to the sentence.

When a few moments later Hutch approached his vehicle, the attacker surprised him and started to shoot at him. Although at first the victim could escape along the pathway back into the development, the attacker chased after him, firing over 15 shots.

A key piece of evidence that linked Quinn to being at or near the scene of the crime was DNA found on a baseball cap in the getaway car.

In the trial, Quinn had also been accused of being the gunman, but the prosecutor had offered the jury an alternative scenario that he had merely been in the getaway car as a "necessary participant".

Quinn has always denied his involvement, saying in court that we was in bed with a hangover and a prostitute when the killing occurred. He was also found guilty of holding an illegal firearm and ordered to pay 90,000 euros to the victim's family.