Unemployment in Malaga province dropped by 4,238 last month

  • At present, 147,137 people in Malaga are registered as unemployed

The latest unemployment figures for the province show that 4,238 people found work in May, resulting in a reduction of 2.8% in unemployment compared with the same month last year. At present, 147,137 people in Malaga are registered as unemployed.

The figures also show that the number of people registered with Social Security rose by 12,018, the highest in the region, and an increase of 2.01% compared with May 2017.

Once again, the reduction in unemployment was highest in the services sector, where 3,646 people are no longer registered as looking for work. The next sector was construction, with 437 fewer people unemployed. The number of people who have never worked before dropped by 160, and 30 fewer people in the industrial sector are registered as looking for a job. In the agricultural sector the situation was the opposite last month: 35 more people registered as unemployed.

The figures published by the Ministry of Employment also show that 7,000 work contracts were signed in the province last month, which was an increase of 10 per cent compared with April. Of these, 435 were permanent contracts and 6,565 were temporary. So far, 76,992 contracts have been signed in Malaga.