Biggest hashish trafficker in Europe is arrested in Campo de Gibraltar

Police image of the drug trafficker's arrest.
Police image of the drug trafficker's arrest. / SUR
  • The man known as 'El Castaña' is part of a well-known clan that was behind the raid on La Línea hospital earlier this year

National Police have dealt a major blow to the drugs trade in the Campo de Gibraltar this week with the arrest of Antonio Tejón, known as 'El Castaña', in La Línea de la Concepción. Tejón was one of the most wanted criminals in Spain and is said to be the head of the largest hashish smuggling gang in Europe, controlled by his family. A large part of the drug shipments coming into the area are said to be down to the clan.

Police sources said that his arrest took place on Wednesday night in an operation that was carried out in La Línea. Investigators had been looking for him for some 19 months and he was held in a residential property in the town at around 11pm, sources said. Tejón was remanded in custody immediately because of the arrest warrants out in his name.

The family organisation that he leads, with help from his brother Francisco, who police suspect has fled from the immediate area, is said to be largest in the south of Spain and is called 'Los Castañitas'.

Several members of the group attacked La Línea hospital in order to free one of their members last February, according to sources. Tejón was said to be behind the organisation of that raid.

The head of National Police in La Línea said that Tejón put up no resistance and was the only person detained on Wednesday.