Mijas books to end up in custody

Old Guardia Civil headquarters in the town of Mijas.
Old Guardia Civil headquarters in the town of Mijas. / I. G.
  • The town hall will turn the old Guardia Civil headquarters into a public library

The books of Mijas have found a new place to lock themselves away, so to speak. A new project from the local government hopes to establish a new public library in a building which was part of the former Guardia Civil headquarters in Mijas Pueblo.

This initiative is promoted by the library department, after a recent campaign from neighbours and local organisations collected close to 500 signatures for their petition, which asks that certain facilities be renovated in accordance with the needs of the public.

Town councillor Hipólito Zapico explained, “We have carried out a study which evaluates the needs of our libraries. As well as new materials, the study also considered the sort of spaces that current library users would find most preferable.” One of the most frequent demands was that the current library in Mijas Pueblo be reconstructed or moved to a different location.

The launch of the project last month was attended by representatives of residents' organisations and parents' associations, as well as Rosa María Badillo, coordinator of the Arco Iris de Madres Narradoras project, a local association that encourages reading among young children.

“It will be marvellous to be able to provide an area for cultural projects in Mijas. This important new space will cater to all ages. It will help to modernise the library system and assist in the creation of cultural content,” said Badillo.

The ideal location

The town council is keen to highlight one specific element of the project: The creation of a multi-use room with over 30 work places.

“This space, or the reading room, can be divided and used for various meetings and activities at the same time, making use of the space to its maximum potential without disturbing others in the study area,” explained Zapico.

At the same time, the councillor pointed out the good location of the building, which is just a few metres from the Town Hall, the San Sebastián school, the health centre and the municipal archive building.

Air conditioning, lighting, security, accessibility and acoustics will all be considered carefully during the planning of the facility.

The government team in charge of the facility prefer to remain “cautious” while discussing the timeline for building work. The project is out to tender, with a projected cost of 11,500.

“The process takes time, so we plan to keep residents informed over the next few months, to that they are aware of any developments,” said the councillor.