Call for a new local hospital divides neighbouring mayors in Mijas and Fuengirola

Las Lagunas health centre is the most overcrowded on the Costa.
Las Lagunas health centre is the most overcrowded on the Costa. / I.G.
  • Mijas council wants to cofinance an improved facility in Las Lagunas but Fuengirola says that is the Junta de Andalucía's job and accuses Mijas of slow progess

The relationship between the mayor of Mijas, Juan Carlos Maldonado, and the mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula, is not going through its best period. Despite the geographic closeness of the two municipalities, especially where the Mijas area of Las Lagunas merges into Fuengirola without most people realising it, the different political opinions of the two council chiefs are causing friction.

At the heart of the current dispute is the proposal by Mijas, run by a Ciudadanos and PSOE coalition, to jointly pay for the construction of a badly needed local hospital in Las Lagunas to replace the health centre there. The new, larger facility would directly serve Mijas as well as Fuengirola immediately next door. The mayor has even set aside 4 million euros in this year's budget towards it.

However Fuengirola, run by the PP, has blasted Mijas, saying it is the Junta de Andalucía regional government that should pay for health care facilities, not the two councils. Mijas's proposal would see the councils fund the construction to speed it up and the Junta take over the running, just as is being done in Estepona.

Mayor of Fuengirola, Ana Mula argues that the proposed plot of land hasn't even been handed over to the Junta yet and accused Mijas's Maldonado of procrastinating on other promises to cooperate with Fuengirola. However for the first time this week she hinted that Fuengirola council may be willing to put up some money once the land title was sorted out.